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Which Diamond Clarity Should I Choose?
The clarity of a diamond refers to natural imperfections or 'inclusions' in the diamond as it was formed over millions of years in nature. The vast majority of natural diamonds are I2-I3 grade and below and the high end of the scale, from Flawless (FL) to barely visibly flawed (I1) are truly the cream of the crop. When looking at the clarity scale, it's important to appreciate the high quality of diamonds from the top of the scale to the middle. A 'mid-grade' VS1 or VS2 diamond are very clean diamonds and only microscopic differences set these diamonds apart from the higher grades.

SI1 and SI2 diamonds offer the best value for money and eye clean diamonds will look exactly the same as the higher graded diamonds, but at a fraction of the cost. For eye clean diamonds, it's recommended to look for diamonds with smaller inclusions and a relatively clean center.

When selecting a diamond from Shiree Odiz, you'll enjoy seeing every detail of the diamond as if you were holding a jeweler's loupe. Our HD magnified photos and 360 degree videos provide full transparency, even beyond the GIA certification. Remember that images are hugely magnified and even obvious imperfections in a diamond online may be completely invisible in real life.

Need help with choosing a diamond?  Ask a Shiree Odiz expert to take a look.

Completely Flawless and Internally flawless diamonds. The rarest and most expensive diamonds - recommended for investment.

Very very slightly included diamonds have only microscopic imperfections, extremely difficult to locate, even under magnification.

Very slightly included diamonds have tiny imperfections that are not visible without magnification. Top quality diamonds at a reasonable price.

Slightly included diamonds with small imperfections that can be easily seen under magnification but usually invisible without. Beautiful and excellent value.

Slightly included diamonds with either larger or more central imperfections. Usually eye clean or hard to location without magnification. Beautiful and excellent value.

I1-I3 (P1-P3)
Visibly imperfect diamonds that should be chosen with care and guidance. These diamonds potentially can offer the best value with the help of a Shiree Odiz expert.

What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are naturally mined diamonds of lower natural clarity that have been treated to improve their appearance. Commonly referred to as fracture filling or CE diamonds, these diamonds offer excellent value for those looking for a large, beautiful looking real diamond on a tight budget. Shiree Odiz offers a lifetime warranty on all clarity enhanced diamonds and all such stones usually come independently certified by IGL or TIG.

Note: GIA graded diamonds are not clarity enhanced as GIA do not grade CE diamonds.