Engagement Rings

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Tell us what you care about

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Your ring is crafted


Start with what you know and we'll help you with the rest.

Whether you have an idea of the style your partner loves or just what's important to you, we'll custom design a unique engagement ring that's everything you care about.


Imagine your ideal engagement ring. We can.

It's probably your first time, and we know how important this is. Learning from over 25,000 proposals, we have developed a simple way to get it right.



Tell your story with design and materials that best reflect your ideals, values, style, and personality.

With a custom engagement ring, there's no compromise.


Mass-produced, off-the-shelf rings could be for anyone. A made-to-order piece is intimately yours.

Created together or as a surprise, nothing could be more romantic.


Your personal heirloom is a perpetual legacy of your relationship, to be treasured by your future children and grandchildren.

Your story, forever.

Customize vs. Custom Made

Strictly off-the-shelf fine jewelry has been in decline over the past decade as we want to express our individuality more. It's no longer enough for our hard-earned money to go to something mass-made. And if it's personal, we want to make sure it's truly personal.

Engagement rings have long been part of this trend with the vast majority of men and women choosing to make it theirs. So what are the options?

July 08, 2020

The only way to get what you want.

Working one-on-one with our customers has always provided insight into design trends and what you care about most.

But everyone is different, and we each value different things.

We all want excellent quality and value for money. However, where one may desire the most noticeable possible stone, another may prefer a more modest style.

June 23, 2020

Change is coming... and we're excited!

The past few months have been challenging, sad for many, and a world of opportunity for the optimists. We've spent more time with our families, had time alone and in small groups. A lot has changed.

More than anything, we found ourselves reflecting on the past 15 years since going online and looking at where we can provide the most value and joy to you - our valued customers.


June 17, 2020