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Our mission is to make designer fine jewelry affordable and accessible.

Unique Design is usually available from extremely pricey super-brands and small boutiques stores with very limited collections. Affordable fine jewelry tends to be mass -produced for larger retail chains or websites that either sell lower quality jewelry or use the mass-produced settings to sell expensive diamonds. We set out to change that.

Our Jewelry

Fresh & Designer

Enjoy the luxury of fine designer jewelry with an ever-growing collection of truly unique pieces. Feel special in the knowledge that your jewelry was made for you and not mass-produced for mass-market.

All our jewelry is exclusively designed in-house and is unavailable anywhere else. We balance cutting-edge with timeless classical design which is fresh and never old-fashioned, even when inspired by traditional, vintage or antique pieces. As our jewelry is made to order, our collections are very regularly updated and we are not committed to selling stale inventory that has been sitting in a jewelry store or warehouse.

We never buy jewelry from suppliers, dealers or manufacturers so our jewelry is never mass produced. Under the personal supervision of our head designer, each piece is hand-crafted by our ex-Tiffany & Co. master goldsmiths and diamond setters.

Affordable & Accessible

You’ll get absolutely the maximum value for money with every purchase due to the unique way we sell and manufacture.

By selling online only, directly from designer to customer, we don’t have any of the expensive overheads that go into retail stores or through the supply chain of designer to manufacturer to distributor to retail. Plus as our jewelry is made to order, you’re not paying to finance our inventory, meaning you get maximum value for money with every purchase.

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The diamond industry is governed by trust and reputation and so naturally there are many family businesses in the trade. Shiree Odiz is a 3rd generation of diamond dealers and jewelers with an impeccable foundation laid since 1938.

Shiree's grandfather, Gabriel Eshel was one of the fathers of the diamond industry in Israel, opening one of the first diamond cutting factories in the city of Netanya. The business blossomed under the culture of hard work, spotless ethics and integrity. Nearly three decades later, in 1975, son-in-law Abe Hazan was taken under the wing and brand of Gabriel Eshel and expanded the business to become International, opening office in New York. Abe brought innovation to the business and went on to patent several unique shaped diamonds under the Trapz brand.

About Shiree Odiz

“My father and grandfather were both diamond dealers and so from a young age I was exposed to the world of precious gems and fine jewelry. While the stones were beautiful, they didn’t do much for me... until they were set in the jewelry. That was inspirational, even magic!

Growing up, I developed a deep passion for the craft of jewelry design and the endless possibilities for these tiny works of art. I went on to study jewelry design but my real education was when working with ex-Tiffany & Co. and Cartier master goldsmiths, diamond setters and designers. I worked on pieces that would go to super-high-end brands or directly to billionaire oligarchs.

But with my own knowledge, direct access to the diamond trade and the ability to reach out directly on the internet, I realized that designer fine jewelry didn’t need to only be for the ultra-wealthy. After getting married and designing my own engagement ring, I started working with private clientele to create custom-made fine jewelry that was superior in quality and design to the mass-made jewelry available at the retail chains and significantly more affordable than the famous designer brands and boutiques.

In 2006 I partnered with veteran e-commerce marketer, Daniel Setton, to found the Shiree Odiz brand with the mission of making designer fine jewelry affordable and accessible. We do this by sticking to 3 simple principles:

Focus on design

Jewelry is supposed to be a thing of art, not science. While the perfect girdle size, crown angle and table percentage may make for a fractionally more sparkling diamond under lab conditions... set in an ugly setting will mean you’ll have ugly jewelry.

Sell directly

We keep margins and marketing overheads low by only selling our exclusive collection directly online. We don’t sell to other jewelers, dealers or chains and we don’t buy mass-produced jewelry. This means there are no unnecessary markups for you to pay.

Make to order

The vast majority of our jewelry is made to order and we do this using advanced just-in-time manufacturing, allowing us to ship any order within just 5 working days. We don’t manufacture millions of dollars of inventory to lie around in a storefront, meaning we don’t need to price higher to finance stale inventory. It also means we can offer a near endless catalog of gold, platinum and diamond jewelry with ever-changing, fresh designs.”

As a brand, the two wanted to provide a clear alternative to the low quality, mass produced diamond jewelry frequently found online and in retail store chains, at the same standard as the top brands but without the big-brand markups. The two employed the finest craftsmen in the industry, reaping master goldsmith and diamond setters from Tiffany & Co. and embarked on building an immensely popular collection of engagement ring designs for sale on popular marketplaces and via the new website. In 2009 a new retail location was opened in the heart of the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, Israel and a logistics center in 5th Avenue in New York.


Every piece of jewelry ordered from Shiree Odiz, is manufactured under the personal supervision and quality control of Shiree to ensure accuracy of design and attention to detail. Most orders will ship directly from our manufacturing facility in Israel to save shipping time. Otherwise shipments will ship from our NY logistics location.

if you're before or after purchasing a beautiful piece of jewelry from us, or would just like to say hello, please feel free to get in touch.

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