Diamond Carat Weight
Diamonds are measured and valued by their carat weight. The word carat comes from the time when diamonds were weighed against carob seeds... Read more

Diamond Color
The GIA grades diamond color from D-Z, from completely colorless to heavily tinted yellow or brown. It's very difficult to tell high quality ... Read more

Diamond Clarity
The clarity of a diamond refers to natural imperfections or 'inclusions' in the diamond as it was formed over millions of years in nature... Read more

Diamond Cut
The cut of a diamond has the greatest affect on the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond (not to be confused with diamond shape). The way... Read more

Diamond Certification
Commonly referred to as the '5th C' of the famous 4 C's of diamond grading, independent and reputable certification is without a doubt... Read more

Diamond Shape
Diamond shape refers to the overall geometric physical appearance of the stone while the cut refers to how a diamond fair with light... Read more